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International case management – how exciting! CMSA has created an International Special Interest Group (ISIG) linking CMSA with case management societies around the world. The ISIG provides a supportive environment for professional growth and the exchange of ideas in a global case management landscape. It’s a forum where case managers from different countries can learn from each other and share knowledge and experiences as well as best practices. ISIG is under the leadership of CMSA Membership Committee chair Nadine Carter, MBA, RN, CDMS, and Carol Garner, RN, CCMSA, executive chairperson of the Case Manager Association of South Africa. According to Nadine, even though internet connectivity and different time zones are a challenge, the group is off to a great start. Countries in CMSA’s ISIG include South Africa, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. CMSA has members from Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Germany, Hong Kong, Botswana, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Kenya, Australia/New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore and South Africa. At several CMSA Annual Conferences, I have had the pleasure to interact with attendees from Germany, Canada and South Africa. It was so interesting to discuss the differences and similarities between the countries.

There’s a big world out there! We can learn from each other and make the world a better place! In the words of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, “We are the world…”  We are stronger together! Stay tuned! There will be more about this innovative special interest group in the future! Be sure to read the article in this issue by Nadine Carter and check out the ISIG web page

April is National Donate Life Month, a time to recognize the need for and the importance of organ, eye, blood, marrow and tissue donation. It is also a time to celebrate the generosity of those who have saved a life by being a donor. It is the greatest gift of all. Celebrate National Donate Life Month by registering to be a donor. Be sure your family is aware of your selfless wish and lifesaving gift. Donor registration can be done at your local DMV, at or through the iPhone Health App. As a transplant case manager and the wife of an organ transplant recipient, it’s hard for me to put into words the importance of the lifesaving gift of transplantation. Give someone a second chance at life. Educate others about the importance of registering to be a donor. Celebrate National Donate Life Month by encouraging others to make the decision and celebrating their decision to be a living or deceased donor.

Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer, and the temperature is rising. My spring flowers are blooming, and they are beautiful! It’s so nice to open the windows and let fresh air into the house. Sunshine after winter is such a treasure! It’s a time of new beginnings! And what better way to start the new season than by taking care of yourself! Self-care is so important. It can lower your stress level, lower your blood pressure, increase your energy, improve happiness and increase your appreciation of everything. It can increase your creativity, productivity and confidence. Start by scheduling some “me” time. You deserve it! Be sure to go outside and take a walk. Get some fresh air! Look at everything that is turning green! Be sure to look up. The sky is a beautiful shade of blue with white fluffy clouds. Sit outside and listen to the birds singing – it’s so peaceful and serene. Take time to take care of yourself. Consider taking a bubble bath surrounded by beautifully scented candles, watching a movie, getting a massage or facial, or reading an uplifting book. Good nutrition and adequate sleep are vital. Every day, take a few minutes “just for you” even if it’s just turning up the music and dancing around the house! Treat yourself every once in a while! Play with your pet, do something nice for someone else. Smile at a stranger. Hold the door open for someone. Work on some of those craft projects you have been wanting to do. Try an adult coloring book or paint-by-number. Being creative can release serotonin, which will make you have positive feelings. Plan a long weekend trip or mini vacation. Spend a day off just doing “absolutely nothing”. Unplug – turn off notifications on your phone, stay off social media and don’t check your email! Binge watch a series on TV. Do something that brings you pleasure. Spend time with your spouse, children and grandchildren. Have a good cry (believe it or not but that can make you happier). Hang out with your friends. Spend time with people who matter to you. Our profession is very demanding. We need to practice self-care so we can be our best selves. You’ll feel happier and more relaxed.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of CMSA Today. It is full of interesting articles by some outstanding authors!

Janet Coulter, MSN, MS, RN, CCM, FCM, is a transplant case manager with a wide variety of experiences including educator, administrator, team leader, and director of case management. Janet holds a Master of Science in Nursing from West Virginia University and a Master of Science in adult education from Marshall University. She has published many articles in CMSA Today and the Professional Case Management Journal and served as a reviewer for the Core Curriculum for Case Management Third Edition. She currently serves as president-elect of CMSA, chair of the CMSA Today editorial board, chair of the nominations committee, and vice president of the CMSA Foundation board. Janet was the recipient of the CMSA National Award of Service Excellence and Southern Ohio Valley CMSA Case Management Leadership award and was recently inducted as a Case Management Fellow from CMSA.



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