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Destigmatizing Mental Health – What Can You Do?


The stigma around mental health is such a difficult topic. I hesitated to take on the challenge of writing this article because, despite being a mental health professional for over 20 years, I still struggle with not being biased myself.

Care Coordination

The Power of Breathing

BY RAJITHA BOMMAKANTI, BSN, RN-CCM Case managers are an integral part of the healthcare team. Their roles are crucial in preventing readmissions and coordinating services for patients and their families. During the COVID-19 pandemic, inadequate resources in the community, overloaded caseloads and intensive care units being at maximum capacity have put…

President's Message

Wellness, Resiliency and Self-Care

BY COLLEEN MORLEY, DNP, RN, CCM, CMAC, CMCN, ACM-RN As I am writing this reflection, it is -4 degrees in my hometown of Chicago and wellness, resiliency and self-care are on my mind. COVID is still a force to be reckoned with and now we add in the weather-related challenges and…

President's Message

Mental Health By Any Other Name Is…

BY MELANIE A. PRINCE, MSN, BSN, NE-BC, CCM, FAAN One’s first reaction after reading this title may be negative, but that is not the intention. The intention is to highlight the sometimes “clandestine” acceptance and reverence of mental healthcare in certain sectors of our society. Another intention is to share my…

Health Improvement

Three Ways Case Managers Can Influence Return-to-Work Outcomes

BY MICHELLE DESPRES, PT, CEAS II, REAS, CETS “When patterns of injuries occur in groups of workers, an ergonomics assessment can help identify risks associated with administrative controls, behavioral controls or personal protective equipment. Once identified, these issues can be resolved, further setting the stage for successful return to work.” In…

Advance Directives

“Do You Have an Advance Directive?”

BY MYRA KATZ, PA-C, BCPA How many times have you been asked this question? We are typically asked any time we go to a hospital, surgical center or emergency room, and if you say “no,” you are often given a lengthy form and asked to fill it out without any explanation.…


The Tears I Didn’t Expect (THIS MIGHT MAKE YOU CRY TOO)

BY ANONYMOUS Do you love attending the national CMSA conferences? I sure do and was so excited I was able to attend the 2021 event, my second National, when at first it seemed unlikely. During 2020 some health challenges came my way, and after quite some time I was finally…

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