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COVID-19: Impacting Hospital Readmission With Focused Care Transition Calls

The past 2 years have turned the healthcare industry upside down. The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted the industry in ways no one could have imagined. Rapid change in the healthcare environment meant switching from in-person work to remote work where case managers led the way by engaging patients as they transitioned through the delivery system from inpatient through the next level of care.

Continuum of Care

The Patient Journey Through The Continuum Of Care

BY MARIE STINEBUCK, MBA, MSN, ACM, AND TIFFANY FERGUSON, LMSW, CMAC, ACM Patient satisfaction and the prevention of readmissions are continuously discussed as quality metrics for hospital success. With an increased focus on these and other metrics to continually improve patient care, hospital systems work to improve the patient experience from pre-admission…