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Mental Health

Mental Health and Traumatic Brain Injuries: A Closer Look

BY LYNNE BECKER, MSPH, AND HANNAH BURGESS, MPH MENTAL HEALTH IN NUMBERS One in every 5 U.S adults experiences mental illness. One in every 20 U.S adults experiences serious mental illness. Nineteen percent of these individuals are managing anxiety disorders, and 8% of them are struggling with depression. However, in 2020, only…

Care Coordination

Organ Transplant: A Second Chance to Live

BY JANET COULTER, MSN, MS, RN, CCM The list of patients waiting for an organ transplant grows each year and significantly outpaces the availability of transplantable organs. During the pandemic, deceased-donor transplants reached an all-time high. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the private, non-profit organization that manages…

Value-based care

The Impact of Value-Based Social Care on Health Equity

BY DAWN V. GAY, MBA-HCM, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF CAREADVISORS As value-based care programs are adopted across the country, it’s no surprise to healthcare providers that all predictions point to an increase in alternative payment models. Social care management that addresses economic stability, housing, food insecurity, employment and other social determinants of…