It’s a New Day at CMSA—Here’s What’s New and What’s in Store


NEW LOOK FOR CMSA! As CMSA charges forward toward a bright future, it is important that the CMSA of today and tomorrow accurately reflects our membership and their compassion and devotion to patients and their families, as well as the mission of the organization. During the 2021 CMSA Annual Conference, CMSA revealed a new logo. Check out the CMSA Spirit Store and grab the new look for yourself!

NEW! Case Management Adherence Guide 2020: Recognizing that the health care field has undergone significant changes in recent years, the Case Management Adherence Guide 2020 helps health care professionals gain and integrate skills and methods for even more comprehensive assessments of clients, families or their support systems. The first edition is now published and available here.

NEW! CMSA Blog: With over 15 blogs already posted, the CMSA Blog offers additional information on current trends in case management and healthcare and provides our community a place to ask questions and support one another. Interested in submitting a blog entry? Learn more and sign up!

LAUNCHING IN OCTOBER! FCMTM Case Management Fellow Program: CMSA aims to elevate the professionalism of case management, advance the standards of practice and continue to recognize leadership within our community. Case Management Fellows (FCM) will not only be leaders, but ambassadors to the case management profession as well as mentors, authors, speakers, facilitators and visionary thinkers. Program qualifications and requirements are now available at, and applications will be accepted starting in October.

AVAILABLE THIS FALL! CM Boot Camp: We are very excited about the launch of a new, first-of-its-kind program—CM Boot Camp from CMSA—designed to teach practical skills to prepare case managers, either novice (0-5 years of experience) or those looking to shift to another setting, for the realities of the profession. With a focus on teaching “what to do” instead of the more academic “how to think,” CM Boot Camp will be a program where participants will learn not only experiential strategies and the real aspects of practice in managing caseloads in various settings, but also gain pragmatic skills and the practical application of skills not immediately apparent in the “day in the life of a case manager” scenario. This program will be intense, with multiple days of self-study and virtual or in-person interactive training. Lace up those boots and get ready!

REVIEW UNDERWAY! CMSA’s Standards of Practice for Case Management: CMSA’s last version of the Standards of Practice for Case Management was released in 2016, and work is under way on a revision that will be released by end of the year.

REVISION COMING SOON! CMSA’s Opioid Use Disorder Case Management Guide: The Opioid Guide, which aids with the assessment, care planning and intervention of opioid abuse, is currently under revision. Expect a complete update, including an expanded section on treatment, available later this year.

COMING IN 2022! Case Load Calculator: Are you struggling to set reasonable expectations for caseloads? This has been on the wish list for years, and CMSA has recently embarked on the development of a CMSA Case Load Calculator. Using factors such as a patient’s level of complexity, time needed to address the needs of patients and consideration of other organizational responsibilities, an algorithm is under construction to guide the assignment of caseloads with realistic expectations. It’s no small feat, and the tool will be ready early in 2022.

RESEARCH PROJECT UNDERWAY! CMSA’s Integrated Case Management Program: ICM, the well-adopted approach to assessing and treating complex patients, is getting put to the test. In a new ICM Research Project, CMSA is partnering with organizations to validate and track outcomes when applying the ICM approach to care. This project will help drive an overall update to the ICM manual, also on the docket for revision within the coming year.

COMING SOON! CMSA Strategic Plan: The CMSA Strategic Planning Task Group is hard at work refining CMSA’s mission and vision and developing a comprehensive 3-5 year plan to put CMSA on the right path to help case managers in every setting for years to come.


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