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A nurse case manager’s greatest challenge is finding resources for their patient and their families that don’t fall under traditional insurance. Learning about these resources is a job unto itself, so once I find one, I like to share the information with my colleagues so they can check out the resource and keep it in mind for future use.

In this article I would like to share two resources that I learned about that can help workers taken ill or injured by a work injury or illness.

Kind Souls Foundation

I spoke with Danielle Troxel at Kind Souls Foundation about what they offer. Here’s what she had to say.

Kind Souls Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides a warm line service for employees and their family members who need counseling when they are displaced from work due to injury or illness. Kind Souls was created out of a gap in the current claims, leave of absence and care delivery systems where we know people feel lost and discouraged to overcome challenges that arise when dealing with a work-displacing healthcare event. The founder, Teresa Colian, witnessed these challenges firsthand as her business partner and true friend, Jen, battled breast cancer. During this fight, Teresa saw Jen and her family members struggle to find readily available resources to turn to in dealing with their thoughts, feelings and emotions. They also struggled to find tangible help for things like completing disability forms, grocery shopping and laundry services. After Jen, unfortunately, lost her battle with the disease, people would say to Teresa that Jen was such a “kind soul.” Teresa knew then she would start Kind Souls Foundation to combat these shortfalls for families nationwide.

Who is Kind Souls for?

The Kind Souls Foundation serves employees who are unable to work due to injury or illness, as well as their spouses, caretakers and immediate family members.

How can an injured worker be referred to Kind Souls?

Someone needing our services would hear about Kind Souls Foundation through their employer, attorney, adjuster, case manager or word of mouth. We work hard to reach every employee in need of our services, as we know one of the greatest barriers to seeking help is not knowing what’s available to you. Anyone can visit our website today to book a session:

What are the costs?

Services are offered completely free of charge. We rely solely on donations to operate and never charge our partners or callers a fee to use our services.


Within just nine months of accepting sessions, Kind Souls report that they have taken 49 calls in at least six different states across the nation. This impact is exhibited by an outstanding 56% return caller rate. This data shows Kind Souls sessions are helping callers, as many of them schedule their next session within a week. It was found that 18% of calls have been provided additional resources for services such as warming centers, in-person support for grief and loss, shelter coordination services and financial assistance for immediate hardships like rent and groceries.

To learn more about the Kind Souls Foundation, visit

Kid’s Chance

April Goran of Kid’s Chance supplied the following information about the resources they offer.

What is Kid’s Chance?

Kid’s Chance is a non-profit organization that aims to give the kids of workers injured or taken ill due to a work-related injury/illness a chance at a better future. The impetus to start this organization was from a person who had a workers’ comp claim and realized that his children’s lives would be impacted as a result of his injury and his ability to return to his job. And he wanted to change that for others.

Nurse case management knows that when there is a workers’ comp claim, the entire family is impacted in many ways, especially when children are involved as plans become uncertain. And sending a child to college under the circumstances can be tough or even impossible.

How does Kid’s Chance work?

Today, there is a Kids Chance Chapter in all 50 States. Each organization provides scholarships and support to ensure kids can complete their education and pursue their desired career paths.

What is the goal of the program

The goal of the program is to help children advance their education. There is no limit on the number of children in the family who would be eligible for a grant. The only qualification to be considered for a grant is that the injured worker has a compensatory claim.

What are their outcomes?

Since their inception 35 years ago, Kids Chance has collectively awarded over 10,000 scholarships, totaling over 36 million dollars.

Kids’ Chance of America unites the workers’ compensation community to support kids and their families by providing resources, developing sustainable state organizations, and powering the pipeline of eligible applicants.

How can nurse case managers use Kid’s Chance?

Nurse case managers working with injured workers with children can fill out a form that goes into the national database. Criteria for Kids’ Chance scholarships vary by state. To see how your state handles scholarships, find your Kids’ Chance organization. Know that their scholarships are awarded to those attending any accredited post-secondary or technical educational program.

To learn more about Kids’ Chance, visit our website at

Anne Llewellyn, MS, BHSA, RN, CRRN, CMGT-BC, BCPA, FCM, is a registered nurse with years of clinical experience. She is also a digital journalist writing for various e-newsletters on topics of digital health, workers’ compensation, case management and patient advocacy. Anne has a strong following from healthcare professionals who follow her for information, events and trends impacting health and healthcare. You can learn more about Anne at You can reach Anne by email at [email protected].

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