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Coordinated Case Management: Improving Outcomes For Transitioning Canadian Armed Forces Members

BY MEGHAN MACDONALD, RSW, MSW, AND ANNA BOTTIGLIA, RN, BscN At present, close to 40% of Canadian veterans report difficulties transitioning from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to civilian life (LASS, 2019). Additionally, the literature on military transitions underlines the need for early intervention as critical to a member’s long-term transition success,…

Professional Development

Profiles In Professional Development

BY BARBARA LEACH, MS, BSN, RN, AND EDNA B. CLIFTON, MBA, BSN, RN Learning does not stop when you finish your degree. It must be a lifetime commitment for you to continue in your career no matter what path you choose. Choosing to advance your career is a decision that requires…


Case Management Workforce Needs Are Driven By Supply And Demand

BY CHARLES WHITE, EdD, MBA CASE MANAGEMENT DEMAND FACTORS A perfect storm continues to intensify because of our existing shortage of registered nurses, limited nursing faculty, BSN entry requirements and the effects of the pandemic. As Haas et al. (2020) described, the fragility and vulnerability of our nursing workforce have been…


Covid-19: Deepening The Conversation: Why Not Home

BY CORIN L. SCHNEIDER, MHA, MSN, RN, ACM-RN, AND DR. TIFFANY VICTOR-CASTLEBERRY, DNP, MSN, BA, RN, ACM-RN There is no doubt that COVID-19 has necessitated an environment of rapid change in the healthcare landscape, driving patient care delivery systems beyond traditional management of length of stay, bed capacity, and slower adoption of…

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THE CASE MANAGER’S PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY CMSA supports the professional growth of our members and the entire case manager community throughout their career. Each destination in a case manager’s career is a critical step in their educational journey, with each step building upon the previous one, creating a pyramid of knowledge…

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