The Case Manager


The Job of a case manager To others is sometimes hard to describe Because we can take care of our Clients With dignity, without actually standing by their side

Because in the healthcare field If you’re not specifically hands on Others may try to judge you Because you’re not physically tired and worn

But case managers do get tired And there’s proof that it’s true Although sometimes it’s very extensive To explain what case managers do

For some think case management is the perfect job They think we only talk to clients on the phone They don’t understand we also go through trial and tribulations Trying to keep our Clients healthy in their home

You see case management is not new It’s been around for over 90 years We’ve been tolling and managing for our Client Sometimes through blood, sweat and tears

Case management was started for Clients who had chronic illnesses Whose care was looked over in a rush Not realizing that this Client need much more guidance And not just a special touch

So a case manager goes the extra mile To make sure that the supervision is there To ensure that Clients get the best treatment they deserve And seamless transition to excellent healthcare

Now there are many different types of case managers But they all fill the same role To Advocate for the Client Because we all have the same goal

Sometimes case managers are not liked And some think we are healthcare bullies But we know the purpose of our jobs And we put our heart into it fully

Case managers have a code of Ethics And this is for a reason Because the case manager’s scope of practice Include Autonomy, Justice, Veracity, Beneficence and Nonmalefience

So case manager’s just want you to understand That we are the Client’s voice And they put their trust in us To make the right choice

It’s not just the Client we take care of It’s also the family that we serve So case managers provide precise and effective communication So the Client and family can understand the treatment that they truly deserve

Everyone cannot be a case manager For they do not have the assets by which case managers are described Motivator, Coach, Educator, Therapist, With a huge dose of Compassion and Patience on their side

So when you come in contact with a case manager Just know they are trying to provide the best care To provide quality healthcare treatment for the Client Is a responsibility we all must share


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