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March 10-12, Nashville, TN

Case management is a growing healthcare profession, with a presence in every health delivery setting. Professionals moving to case management positions may or may not have access to adequate orientation and training. They often “learn on the job” and are not exposed to knowledge and skills that advance the practice of case management.

CMSA is filling this gap with an in-person CM Bootcamp offering for case managers looking to build their skills and experience. The term “boot camp” originated from the military’s requirement for intensive, short-term training. CMSA’s boot camp will provide an immersive and focused opportunity to grow and enhance the novice case manager’s skills through a three-part structure. If you have been a case manager for 5 years or less, are looking to change your area of practice or advance your professional growth, this course is for you!

Here’s a road map of the CMSA CM Boot Camp journey:

Your Professional Footprint: Here, participants will learn what professionalism entails and how the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of case management define the work. Deep dives into client/patient interactions, communication styles and motivational interviewing allow participants to practice using real-life situations and use the support of the class to learn and hone their skills.

Regulations and Legislation: Next, case managers will dig in to the regulatory and legislative mandates that affect the work of case management. Key focus areas include the CARES ACT, regulatory bodies, methods for reimbursement, workers’ compensation case management and key understanding of VA, military and DoD approaches.

Case Management Process and Practice: The program finishes with a complete walkthrough of the case management process, identifying and practicing areas of key importance such as adherence, interdisciplinary roles, transition of care plans and more. Here, learners will be exposed to new and emerging trends and enhance their experience through comprehensive case studies and activities.

A participant’s guide will be available to support learning and retention, and each cohort will become another avenue for mentorship and resources to further expand the learning well beyond the program.

CMSA is committed to elevating the professional practice of case management, supporting case managers for success and encouraging professionals to consider case management as their profession. The CMSA CM Boot Camp experience will help deliver on all three.

cmsa integrated case management training program


April 4-6, Virtual

CMSA’s ICM program provides multiple strategies to engage clients, stratify risk and develop care plans to mitigate risk and help clients achieve improved health and well-being. The training includes a review of CMSA’s Integrated Case Management Manual: For Case Managers by Case Managers, online learning sessions, self-study activities to prepare for face-to-face virtual training and interactive practical application in a classroom setting.

“For every complex problem, there is a solution that is clear, simple…and wrong.” H. L. Menken

Addressing the whole person and their physical, behavioral and social health and needs is essential for positive health outcomes and cost-effective care. This course will provide out-of-the-box strategies to reduce the risks contributing to complexity.

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