Find a Vibrant and Collaborative Community With CMSA


At the foundational core of CMSA lies inclusiveness. From the day the association was formed in 1990, CMSA has prioritized an inclusive approach to membership. By welcoming case managers from every setting, discipline and expertise to be members of this diverse group, CMSA fosters collaboration and enhances professional development as a result.

CMSA members are social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, educators, pharmacists, physicians and more. This professional diversity provides an intentional platform for the sharing of best practices and knowledge to elevate the professional practice of case management. This is especially impactful when case managers find themselves working in isolation within their specific discipline, limiting opportunities on the job for cross-disciplinary collaboration. CMSA provides the opportunity for all case managers to come together, share insights and learn from each other’s vast experiences.

The CMSA Annual Conference & Expo is the perfect setting for collaboration. Over the course of four days, case managers learn the latest trends and advances within case management and interact with hundreds of case managers from around the globe through both formal and informal networking sessions. Here, life-long connections, mentorships and friendships are made that not only enhance their professional practice, but ultimately help to improve the lives of the patients they serve.

CMSA recognizes that case managers, regardless of their expertise, require continuous learning and professional development. The association organizes a variety of training programs, webinars and continuing education courses tailored to the needs of its diverse membership. These opportunities empower case managers to stay abreast of the latest healthcare trends, emerging technologies and best practices. By promoting a culture of continuous improvement, CMSA ensures that members of all experience levels feel valued and supported in their professional journeys.

CMSA’s Case Management Boot Camp and Integrated Case Management (ICM) programs are geared toward supporting case managers in various stages of their career. Boot Camp is an immersive, in-person two-and-a-half day program that offers hands-on, practical knowledge helping to provide real-life experience for case managers early in their journey. ICM is a next-level course providing multiple strategies to engage clients, stratify risk and develop care plans to mitigate risk and help clients achieve improved health and well-being. These flagship programs, along with more than 150 courses offered through CMSA’s Educational Resource Library and many additional resources and tools, are part of CMSA’s Career & Knowledge Pathways, supporting the professional growth of case managers everywhere.

To promote the cross-pollination of ideas, which not only enriches the professional lives of individual members but also contributes to the advancement of case management as a whole, CMSA has launched its first two Special Interest Groups—the International SIG and the Military/VA/DoD (MVD) SIG. These networking groups, aimed at providing additional value to case managers throughout the world, embrace information sharing, open discussion and education.

Beyond providing a supportive community, CMSA is actively involved in advocating for inclusivity and diversity within the broader field of case management. The CMSA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee is dedicated to the values of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging by ensuring all programs, policies and procedures are made with a lens to advance those values within CMSA; by promoting diverse representation across the association; and by challenging the professional practice of case management to embrace these values. Additionally, to support inclusivity beyond CMSA, the association collaborates with policymakers, institutions and other professional organizations to promote equal opportunities for case managers from all backgrounds.

Through the CMSA public policy initiatives, CMSA’s commitment to inclusivity extends to addressing disparities in access to case management services. By championing equitable practices and policies, the association strives to create a more just and inclusive landscape for both case managers and the clients they serve.

In a world where specialization often leads to fragmentation, CMSA stands as a shining example of unity and inclusivity. By welcoming case managers from all settings, disciplines and expertise levels, CMSA creates a vibrant and collaborative community that enhances the professional growth of its members and contributes to the advancement of case management. CMSA will always champion diversity, guiding case managers toward a future where excellence knows no boundaries.


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