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Coordinated Case Management: Improving Outcomes For Transitioning Canadian Armed Forces Members

BY MEGHAN MACDONALD, RSW, MSW, AND ANNA BOTTIGLIA, RN, BscN At present, close to 40% of Canadian veterans report difficulties transitioning from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to civilian life (LASS, 2019). Additionally, the literature on military transitions underlines the need for early intervention as critical to a member’s long-term transition success,…


The Importance Of Radiology In Cancer Care And The Multidisciplinary Team Approach

BY DIANA CARTCHI CHIONG CLARETE, RN, BSN, LISA LOBDELL, RN, MSN, CCM, SAHLEE BALAJADIA, MSN-PH, RN-BC, WCC, LINDA VALLES-GUTIERREZ, DNP, FNP-BC, AND MARK D. CHAMBERS, MD It is said that radiology often serves as the patient entry point into the cancer care system (Weldon, 2016). As part of a thorough assessment, imaging studies are often included…