Transitions Are Good…Evolutions Even Better!


I have added lexicology to my list of hobbies because I realize how much time I spend on the “study of words.” The quest to find the right, most precise word(s) to convey the right, precise message is a constant exercise, whether I am communicating with family and friends or writing a scholarly paper. As I prepared to write this last message as president of the Case Management Society of America, 2020–2022, my reflections about the past two years were centered on transitions and evolution. Of course, I researched the academic definition of each word and realized how perfect these two words are as descriptors for my opportunity of a lifetime – to serve as the CMSA president.

Merriam-Webster defines transition as “a change or shift from one state, subject, place, etc. to another.” I write about transitions often, as my life and career are defined by constant transitions. My military career was characterized by transitions from one place to the next approximately every three years, multiple role transitions and the accompanying life events that paralleled these transitions. I chose a profession, case management, where transitions of care are foundational to the practice where patients/clients are “changed/shifted” from one level of care to another to improve their health. The world has been through a global transition in overall lifestyle, as we “shifted” from living in a pre-pandemic, pandemic and now, hopefully, a post-pandemic state. I enjoy the transitions of the four seasons on our planet and the examples/illustrations of rest, restoration, rebirth and renaissance of living things in our environments. CMSA has also experienced almost two years of transition in priorities, focus and overall execution of the extraordinary mission of our association. As I reflect on all of these transitions, the “so what” of it is clear. Transitions lead to evolution. Yes, in some circumstances, the outcome of a transition may be a regression. But the goal, the point, the hope is an outcome that reflects growth, progress, betterment. Merriam-Webster defines evolution as “a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state: GROWTH.” Transition and evolution are the precise words to describe an amazing term in my service to the Case Management Society of America.

As CMSA transitioned to a different business strategy, all of us experienced steep learning curves. We incorporated new operational approaches and association management best practices as part of our professional development that evolved into a board of directors, committee leaders, multiple task forces and national staff with a higher state of leadership and association management acumen. As a result, CMSA enhanced member benefits, improved its financial health, strengthened its public policy posture, developed multiple levels of communication, marketing and outreach via print and digital means, revitalized past and existing alliances, forged new partnerships, developed new and innovative educational programs, reset chapter relationships and hosted successful webinars, conferences and panel sessions. The extraordinary work of CMSA members, volunteers and leaders at the local, regional and national levels is a testament to the evolutionary growth of a two-year transition.

At the top of the next page, check out some of the accomplishments that every CMSA member can celebrate!

This list is representative of what a “3-C” community can accomplish in the midst of transition and as a result of evolution. Recall that we started this journey with the pledge of leveraging a “3-C” community concept:

  • fostering a CULTURE of community, with inclusiveness and diversity in professional and demographical attributes;
  • building a COLLABORATIVE community, embracing the uniqueness of multi-generational and multi-specialty case managers, eliciting greatness from every member;
  • linking a CONNECTED community, harnessing the experiences of chapter and national CMSA boards, optimizing the use and application of technology and mapping a visible multi-layered engagement to meet case managers where they are. We did it together and with the help of partners who are committed to the profession of case management and high-quality care for patients and their families.


This issue is dedicated to the business and clinical philosophy of value-based care. As case managers, value-based care underpins our work as we seek cost-effective, high-quality services for patients/clients. Value-based care has been in transition for many years as the U.S. healthcare industry challenges the tenets of fee-for-service. Readers are in for a treat as experts in the field provide insight into the tenets of value-based care. Equipped with leading-edge information, I encourage you to amplify your voices as case management leaders in today’s healthcare industry around the issues of quality, safety, cost effectiveness, efficiency and population health. You can do it!


  • Revealed a refreshed look and logo – it’s a brand new day at CMSA!
  • Welcomed more than 900 new members to the CMSA community.
  • Published the revised Standards of Practice for Case Management.
  • Developed new authors with a 5-part Writer’s Workshop webinar series.
  • Launched the new CM Fellow/FCM designation program to recognize the best of the best.
  • Launched the CMSA Public Policy legislative initiatives and held the CMSA Virtual Hill Visits program.
  • Started a new CMSA Blog featuring impactful storytelling.
  • Refreshed the CMSA Career Center with resources for both job seekers and employers.
  • Held a successful and educational 2021 Virtual Annual Conference.
  • Offered 13 educational webinars and published the CMAG 2020.
  • Published 86 articles of valuable content in 8 issues of CMSA Today magazine.
  • Issued more than 8,000 CEs from over 200 courses in the CMSA ERL.
  • Unveiled a new CM Boot Camp program for case managers new to the profession.
  • Celebrated case managers throughout the year with special highlights Conference and CM Week.
  • Awarded a grant from Ferring Pharmaceuticals to develop education focused on C.Diff. and transitions of care.
  • Excited to be back in person at chapter and national events.
  • Conducted surveys on the current state of the profession and health technology.
  • Developed a new Strategic Plan for CMSA to elevate the profession and provide more value for the members.
  • Strengthened partnerships and collaborative relationships with ACPA, ALCA, CCMC, NOBC, NQF and URAC.
  • Appreciated the 100+ volunteers who make everything at CMSA possible!


Acknowledgement: It has been a pleasure, privilege and great honor to serve as the CMSA president, 2020–2022. I hope to see you at our annual conference and membership meeting June 1-4th in Orlando, Florida, where I can personally share my gratitude. Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

melanie a. prince

Melanie A. Prince, MSN, BSN, NE-BC, CCM, FAAN, President of the Case Management Society of America.




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